We create, manage and deliver world class images and video for retail, agencies and brands.


Creating inspired imagery

Our photographers have the freedom to test new ideas, innovate, and push their creative boundaries as far as possible. It isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged. Fourteen years ago we were a small group with big ideas. Now we have a talented team, working in a cool studio, creating inspired imagery. All in all, a wonderful place to work.


Management you can depend on

Our creative team is supported by a strong, dependable account management team. In their capable hands you can be certain that your shoot will run smoothly, your deadlines will be met and your budget will be respected, leaving you free to concentrate on other aspects of your job.

Fashion Studio


Our fashion studio is the perfect setting for a fun, energetic shoot. We have a built-in cove, hair and makeup stations, clothes and styling prep facilities, a private changing room for our models, and even a chill-out area in case it all gets a bit hectic. Expect top tunes, a lively atmosphere and great results. Our clients know we’re more than capable, but they usually find excuses to come along just for the buzz.

Food Studios


We have two main kitchen studios, both fully equipped with everything a food shoot needs. Our mobile mini-kitchen means we can have up to three food shoots on the go at any one time. So whether it’s a pepperoni pizza or a piña colada, a Sunday roast or an ice cream sundae, we’re ready for anything. The tricky bit is not over indulging when temptation waits around every corner.

Homes Studio


Our homes team are experts in creating beautiful environments that fit with your brand’s character and style. Our modular set system means we can build every conceivable room in the house (or garden) and, with 9,000 sq ft of space to play with, imagination is the only limit to what we can achieve. 

Props & Backgrounds

 A stylist’s paradise

Our impressive and ever-expanding collection of props and backgrounds currently stands at over 5,000. All good stylists know that creating the right environment and selecting fabulous props is critical in pinpointing the mood, style and feel of every shot. Having such a choice on site and readily available is a bonus, not to mention free of charge for our clients. What’s not to love?


Art in motion

We’ve taken all our experience and skills in crafting stunning images and translated them into developing equally breathtaking movies. Our films are created from a photographer’s perspective, giving them a superb cinematic feel. The creative team is supported by our ever-dependable producers who will make sure your project runs on time and on budget. Click here to see examples.