Talented, easy going, friendly, poor taste in music, it’s all here...

Rich White

The daddy

Rich’s love of people, and life in general, formed the original ethos of Powerhouse. He’s passionate about creating great shots that make everyday products look amazing, from bedding to brioche, sofas to soup, and his use of beautiful natural lighting is inspired by his love of the great outdoors. He is a huge support to the photographers and production team, and is central to the quality control of all work leaving the studio.

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Tony Lendill

The creative force

Tony uses the role of Creative Director as a way to keep Powerhouse’s results consistently high, developing the photographers’ skills and helping the production staff with any technical and logistical questions they may have. He loves food photography, and sees eating the food after a shoot as an added bonus. A remarkably creative photographer, Tony is also the company’s lead cinematographer. 

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Roo Warburton

The perfectionist

Roo is excited by fashion and food photography. He believes working with an artistic team inspires him to push his creative boundaries even further. He appreciates and understands a complex brief, and knows how to create a technically perfect shot, but loves to shoot freely using instinct and imagination. On weekends Roo loves putting the world to rights over a pint of real ale.

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Kev Hiscoe

The storyteller

Kev is a Powerhouse all-rounder who thinks big and has regular flashes of brilliance. He is great at pinpointing the perfect look but particularly enjoys creating dark, moody shots that mimic the horror films he loves to watch. He takes every opportunity to spend time outdoors, mountain biking and camping. And he’ll spellbind an audience with his tales from the Wonderful World of Kev.

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Tim Jones

The laugh

Tim enjoys having the photographic freedom to develop his individual style of symmetry and structure. His work is characterised by his composition techniques and he visualises each shot completely before he even sets up his tripod. An outgoing jokester whose infectious laugh can often be heard ringing around the studio, Tim has a distinctive flair for fashion and a huge love of food – cooking it, eating it or shooting it.

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Andy Goodfellow

The lighting genius

Andy is a highly creative and adventurous photographer who loves being part of a team. He enjoys the flexibility and space to create a mood and atmosphere for every shot, constantly experimenting with lighting and composition. Music is another of Andy’s passions, listening to American psychedelic rock or playing his ever-expanding collection of musical instruments.

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Silas Collins

The Gentleman

Silas enjoys the mix of photography work at Powerhouse and finds bringing products to life extremely satisfying, whether working on room sets or shooting delicious food in the kitchens. He is happy to follow any style a client prefers but particularly loves creating the look of natural light in the studio. Silas spends a lot of his free weekends travelling around the country with his mountain bike, when the weather allows. 

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Neil Adams

The ideas man

Neil is the captain who steers the Powerhouse ship. With one eye constantly scanning the horizon for the next big idea, he drives the sales and marketing campaigns and is passionate about new business opportunities. He works closely with the management team and knows that the key to a successful organisation is a group of happy staff and satisfied clients. Neil relaxes by playing golf and tennis. He loves cooking and eating great steaks accompanied by fine wines.

Mark Backhouse

The organiser

Mark is the oil that keeps the Powerhouse machine running smoothly – on time and on budget. He manages the overall running of the studio, takes care of the project management team, and is the resident bean counter. He also uses his exceptional organisational skills at home, meticulously planning every detail of his American road trips, from plotting routes to calculating junk food allowances. Mark is the one who can turn your crazy ideas into reality.

Autumn Healey

The Production Leader

Autumn leads the Powerhouse producers, regularly holding meetings, controlling workloads and generally advising other team members. As well as getting down to the nitty gritty of managing her own projects, she enjoys seeing the bigger picture that her managerial role offers. Outside of work, she’s a chocoholic who loves holidays in Ibiza and further afield. As a supporter of all living things, her ragdoll cats Rudy and Coco are Autumn’s pride and joy.

Charlotte Hadley

The Social Media Driver

Charlotte’s role includes all the tasks that come with managing projects for multiple clients. She particularly enjoys location shoots and video work too, because of their unique challenges. Not afraid to take on new responsibilities and wanting to put her marketing background to good use, she formed a Powerhouse social media team and works out their content-posting calendar. When not at the gym or Zumba class, Charlotte’s free time is spent studying for her regular Spanish lessons.

Hannah Jowett

The multitasker

Hannah enjoys being busy, and her joint role as Producer and Production Manager certainly takes care of that. Not only does she manage upcoming projects, she also ensures that the photography studio is running efficiently and that the logistics of equipment, personnel and workspaces are on track. In her spare time Hannah loves to find new interior design ideas for her home, enjoys holidaying with friends and working on her own photography projects.

Justine Barber

The Professional Shopper

Justine is the one who everyone turns to when they need something sourcing, whether it’s an unusual prop, a particular product, or even just supplies for her amazing lunch spreads. Describing Powerhouse as her second home, she often finds herself juggling between multiple shopping trips and working her way through endless boxes of samples that need to be meticulously checked for the next shoot. At home she loves baking and often brings goodies in for the rest of the team.

Tom Orme

The Photographer's Best Friend

Tom starts early, making sure the photographers have the equipment they need for that day. He’s pretty handy at fixing anything that isn’t in full working order, or at least knowing where to take it. He will often be pulled in multiple directions, happy to lend a hand where needed, and finds the problem-solving aspect of his work particularly satisfying. Keen to learn and build his own portfolio after hours, he’s often the last to leave on an evening but enjoys being outdoors on weekends.

Ayanna Sharp

The Busy Bee

Ayanna loves keeping busy and looks forward to new challenges each day. She enjoys switching from sorting props and samples, to checking briefs, and even sourcing, testing and booking freelancers. She is also one of the social media team that updates followers on the fun stuff going on at Powerhouse. Even her lunch breaks are busy with driving lessons and house hunting. She loves to travel and is keen to learn new languages.

Steph McGlashan

The Foodie

Steph is eager to get involved and likes to be challenged in her day-to-day role. One of the key liaisons between clients and photographers, she understands that communication is essential in a successful and productive working environment. As a self-confessed foodie, a photography studio full of all the latest tasty treats is perfect. She also loves to eat out and enjoys finding quirky new restaurants, but only the ones that serve healthy choices.